I Got Killed (Font Focus The Killers Edition)



Font Focus / Font Pairing: Pistilli Roman + Nexa Light.

Coming off my serious hangover from The Killers concert, I decided to dedicate this edition of Font Focus to some favorite lines from their songs. Hoping this helps me get thru this phase when all I can think of is how ridiculously good that show was. If you’re not into their music yet, I’ve typed in some links below for you to check out. Now on to the real topic: the fonts. I love using fonts in pairs. I think when complementary, they add depth and character to an otherwise bland block of homogeneous words. First one I used is Pistilli Roman (Regular) — I like this because It’s got that classic, prim and proper look of a Didot typeface but packs curves in all the right places, enough to keep it playful and young. With this already being an attention-hungry font, I picked a more reserved sans serif to go with — Nexa Light (Regular). It’s one stable, nicely proportioned, no-frills typeface that you can stare at forever. And ever. So there. Enjoy the fonts, enjoy The Killers, enjoy the first day of October! :)
~ Song: Jenny was a friend of mine. Album: Hot Fuss. Song here. ~


~ Song: All these things that I’ve done. Album: Hot Fuss. Video here. ~


~ Song: Human. Album: Day & Age. Video here. ~


~ Song: Midnight Show. Album: Hot Fuss. Song here. ~


~ Song: Runaways. Album: Battle Born. Video here. ~


~ This last one is not a line from their song — these are the names of the fonts featured. Found here and here. ~



  1. waaaah! wanted to watch but I didn’t want to go alone, I didn’t know you were going :(


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