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18 Aug 2013

UFC Fight Night Snacks

Bacon and Cheese Crisps. This weekend’s fight featured 2 of my favorite fighters of all time: Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua (for his good looks) and Chael Sonnen (for his so-bad-it’s-hilarious style of trash talk). Ok I guess I followed them for non-fight-related reasons but whatever — epic fights need epic snacks. So I thought, first, it had to be greasy, and second, it had to be bacon. This bacon and cheese combo is just so satisfying and pretty easy to prepare! Too bad the main event only lasted one round so I ended up spending more time eating than watching the fight. Hope you guys try this one. I’d give it a three thumbs up if I had three thumbs! :)


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11 Aug 2013

A Refreshing Weekend

Wandering + Snapshots. I always go on trips with a firm plan of taking a lot of photographs. And I always come home with only a handful of lame ones and wonder what happened again. I just seem to get lost in the experience every time and forget to pull out my camera / phone. I have managed to take a few, which I think capture my favorite things about the trip anyway so it’s all good. If you ever find yourself in Singapore, I recommend you check these out :)


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21 Jul 2013

Summer (Any)time

Good Stuff. Things that remind of summer. Now that summer months are rainy and cool months are hot as hell, it seems nonsense to create product categories that have any reference to seasons. That said, this is probably not the best time to introduce you to my Summer Favorites. Heehee. Lately I’ve been feeling a little burnt out so I wanted to put together a collection of things that perk me up. I found out that keeping them around puts me in a more energized mood. I also found out that for me, summer is no longer a time of the year, but a vision of bright sunshine in my head and a feeling of freedom in my heart. Hope this sets you to good-times mode too! :)


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14 Jul 2013

Everyday Design Awards


I’ve had this book for a few years now so I suppose the ’100 New Fashion Designers’ featured here are not as new anymore. Still, it remains to be one of those I read over and over again. Maybe because it combines 3 of my persistent fascinations: beautiful photographs, imaginative page layout and pretty red hair.

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7 Jul 2013

The Eyelash Project Part Two

Experiment. Details can be seen in this previous post. And here are the results… two and a half months late. I did check the measurements 4 weeks after, just wasn’t able to post right away, oopsie :) So here. For length, upper lashes: 11mm (previously 10mm), lower lashes: 7mm (previously 6mm). Ok, 1mm doesn’t sound much, but that’s like 100 miles in lash world. That’s enough to get me saying this product is awesome. As for volume, I don’t think I actually grew more pieces of hair, but I did notice the strands felt thicker and stronger making my lashes look fuller. Had no irritation, easy to use, cute packaging. My recommendation: Try it.


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30 Jun 2013

Killing Board-om

Adventures. I made this chopping board with my bare hands. Fine, I had tools. Still, I made this myself. That’s a huge deal. Last April, I joined a crafty field trip to Tagaytay where we tried out woodworking and pottery. It was organized by Alessa of Life After Breakfast. Check out the article here. As for my woodwork project, this is how it turned out…


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30 Jun 2013

Strawberry Short(cut) Cake

No-bake ‘cake’. This recipe is a disgrace to fine desserts all over the world. Bakers, pastry chefs, dessert aficionados, please turn away. Do not read this. Everyone else, let’s try to appreciate how this can save us time, energy and sweat. It also frees us from any potential baking disasters. The whole process is really just dumping one layer of stuff over another, so you are not required to have special tools or even steady hands. Plus it tastes good and looks pretty. Not so bad huh? :) Happy weekend ‘baking’ everyone!


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30 Jun 2013

V-Cut Then and Now

Supermarket Surprises. And yes I was surprised. Jack ‘n’ Jill V-cut potato chips has changed its packaging. Is it just me or does the potato character in the new design look a bit creepy? I think the no-teeth version from the old design is much cuter. Overall, the old design just seems cleaner, more thoughtful and organized. Plus the blue accent color, for me, complements orange better than green does. I guess by now it’s obvious I like the old one better. Heehee. It may also be because I have too many childhood memories attached to it. Still an awesome snack though :)

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12 Jun 2013

Mac and Cheese Crunch

Comfort Food. It’s a holiday and bumming around is a must. Mac and cheese has got to be designed specifically for bumming around — a snack that doubles as a meal, you can eat it with one hand (with a spoon of course), not much chewing effort is required, gives you enough carbs to sustain all that vegetating and uhm well, when did cheese ever disappoint you? Happy Independence Day everyone! :)






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9 Jun 2013

5 Minutes To Look Like A Human Being


Good Stuff. Fuss-free, quick-fix products that are so easy to apply you can put them on while driving — but don’t. About 50% of the time, I’m rushing like a maniac to get to the office, which translates to coming to work looking like garbage. And since I’ve learned the importance of not looking like garbage, I’ve managed to come up with a few easy steps that work for me so I can look like a human being even if I only have 5 minutes to spare. So I share…

My “turn your face from zombie to acceptable in 5 minutes” routine:

1.  Prime your face by applying BB cream. I’m liking this Lovely ME:EX BB cream SPF 20 from The Face Shop. 

2.  Conceal dark under eye circles. Garnier BB Eye Roll-on has worked wonders for me. I know “eye roll-on” sounds loony, but you don’t roll it over your eyeballs, just your under eye area. Apply a small amount and feather with a foundation brush and tadaaah! You’ve just added 5 hours of sleep to your face.

3.  Stain lips and cheeks. I use Nature Republic Cream Blush in this happy bright pink shade and Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Passion

4.  To polish the look, I dust on a sheer layer of powder – could be loose, pressed, powder foundation, the mineral kind, whatever you have. I love this Dior Skin Nude series (I’m shade #03) — so light and practically invisible but effectively kills all scary shine.

5.  Accentuate eyes by putting on mascara. No other product can make your eyes look so pretty and flirty like mascara can. I like the non-waterproof kind more as they are easier to take off and less harsh on my lashes. Try this Maybelline Magnum Volum Express if you want to sport shockingly black and thick lashes.

Sounds easy huh? :)


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