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27 Mar 2013

The Eyelash Project

Experiment. I notice that lashes, over time, lose their length and volume due to constant lash curling, mascara application and removal, not to mention aging (horrified scream here). So I decided to give my own some much needed TLC to send them back to their happy state. I scouted a few lash care products and this one intrigued me the most – Etude House Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume (long and volume? heehee). It’s a lash care kit that contains a night serum, a day essence that doubles as a primer, and lash rulers so you can measure your progress. It is supposed to strengthen your lashes and prevent breakage and fallout, in effect allowing them to grow to their full length and volume. Of course I noticed the pretty packaging too :)

And now to take this product for a road test. The packaging says you will see results in 4 weeks. Let’s see if this works for me.


~ Step 1: Use ruler provided in the kit to measure length of your lashes, top and bottom. Step 2: Apply lash serum at night, after cleansing your face. Step 3: When applying your makeup in the morning, use lash essence as a primer to your mascara. ~

My Data Sheet
For length, current measurements with no mascara or lash primer are:
Upper Lashes ~ 10mm
Lower Lashes ~ 6mm
For volume, I can’t really count how many pieces of lashes I have so I just have to do a visual evaluation for this one

Here we go. Today is Day 1. See y’all in 4 weeks! :)


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24 Mar 2013

Little Bites

Loaded baby potato skins with grilled mini sausages and cheese. This is my way of tricking my head into thinking I’m eating less by making my bites smaller. Boo. Who am I kidding? Haha. Happy weekend-cooking and eating everyone :)

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23 Mar 2013


Good Stuff. Exfoliants. No, we can’t get younger but we can get our skin feeling baby soft :)

~ For your kissers: Benefit Buffing Lip Beads. For your face: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. For your nails: Skin Food Coffee Almond Nail Scrub. For your boddeh: Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub ~


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17 Mar 2013

Everyday Design Awards

This is a section I shall call Everyday Design Awards. And yes, I am in no way an award giving body nor an expert to claim I know what’s ‘best’. I am just a lover of design and these are pieces I admire. I did not want to use the word ‘favorites’ as I thought that’s a weak description of things that have actually inspired me. I did not want to say ‘faux awards’ either because the admiration is real. Plus ‘awards’ sounds fancy so let’s just use that. BTW, I don’t have physical awards to give out just in case you ask. I’m sorry.

This is a celebration of everyday design, familiar things, not particularly earth shattering, but well thought of and obviously created with love. I suppose this is my way of saying thank you to those that make our world just a little more beautiful. Of course, I picked a beauty product for my first award. Heehee :)

~ Beauty Product Packaging: Best Choice of Color + Material. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White, Skin Transforming Cake Powder in 03 Natural ~


17 Mar 2013

Comic Books & Potato Chips

Just Sharing. Growing up I have been addicted to Archie comic books. It’s the only comic book I read, really. Of course, I always had to have it with munchies. And the perfect munch buddy, for me, has always been this open-faced tuna sandwich that possessed a magical ingredient — potato chips. Oh, my dear potato chips, I believe you are responsible for 95% of my cellulite.

Although not as often as before, I still find myself doing this ritual every now and then, especially when I want to unwind and long to feel like a kid again. I’m sharing the recipe below just in case you want to try it out (reading Archie comic books while eating not mandatory).

How to make your own Tuna-Potato Chip Open-faced Sandwich

You will need:
*Canned tuna, drained
*Mayonnaise (I use the light kind)
*Bread or mini pizza crusts (I use whole wheat)
*Potato chips, Vcut (the spicy one) works best

1. In a bowl, mix 1 can of tuna with 2.5 tbsp of mayonnaise
2. Toast the bread or pizza crust
3. Layer potato chips on top of the toast, don’t go crazy, about 5-6 chips will do it
4. Spoon tuna spread on top of the toast lined with potato chips
5. Garnish with spring onions or parsley if you prefer




13 Mar 2013

Kooky Cookies

Supermarket Surprises. Check out the Sucker Punch girl look-alike logo and her groovy red vest :)


9 Mar 2013

My Love Affair With Laura

Good Stuff.  The Laura Mercier mini lip glacé collection in Rich Berries. It was love at first sight. The deep colors, the way it felt so weightless when worn, the sweet flavor it left on my lips. That moment I knew that Laura and I are soul/lip mates. Im so smitten with these glosses that I’ve been daydreaming of the other collection I didn’t buy that morning. Sigh. (That other collection is called Soft Nudes)

The best part about this limited edition collection is having a bunch of different colors in smaller quantities. It is the perfect setup for me
because I have commitment issues with lipcolor — i can’t seem to stick to just one.

~ From left to right: lip glacé minis in Sangria, Rose, Brownberry, Violet, Cerise. ~
~ One lip glacé mini comes in a 0.1 OZ tube, or about the size of my pointer finger if you’ve ever seen it ~


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9 Mar 2013

Name Game

Just Sharing. I am infatuated with colors. They are powerful enough to shift my mood and drive me into buying things i don’t need. Just as powerful are their names. They shape my idea of the experience that awaits me. I tell my friends my fantasy retirement job is color naming — you know, being the person responsible for deciding whether beige paint should be ‘french vanilla’ or ‘sweet champagne’. I want to posses that under-the-radar, nobody-knows-you-but-can-influence-people’s-decisions sort of power. (Whoa. Apparently, I’m a power-hungry freak). Anyway, my current job also involves a lot of interaction with colors, evaluating them, picking them, mixing and matching them and watching how people react to them. Over time, I have witnessed how ‘violet’ and ‘exquisite plum’ or ‘gray’ and ‘gunmetal’, while both pertaining to the exact same color, can move people in completely different ways. Amazing.

Half the fun in buying beauty things is the entertainment I get sifting through the wide range of color names — from the basic/ho-hum ones like ‘pink’, ‘peach’, ‘black’ to the imaginative ones like ‘I got good jeans’, ‘bare bisque’, ‘midnight’, and my favorite, P2 bronzer in ‘tahiti paradise’, which sends explosions of golden sunlight and visions of glistening bronzes to my head.

Here are some of the color names that tickle my imagination:

Sun Kissed ~ ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer
Sweet Rose ~ P2 Mineral Blush
Light Vanilla ~ Nichido Pressed Powder
Butterscotcha ~ Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss
Smoke ~ Stila Smudge Crayon
Poppy ~ P2 Perfect Look Lip Liner
Tahiti Paradise ~ P2 Sunshine Mosaic Bronzer
Passion ~ Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain
I Got Good Jeans ~ Wet and Wild Color Icon Palatte
Pink Diamond ~  Nichido Girls Night Out Eye Pencil
Rich Wine ~ BYS Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

What color names entertain you? :)


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4 Mar 2013

I Lush You

Good Stuff. Products from Lush. I don’t know if it’s the vibrant colors inside the store, the witty product names or the supercool white type on black packaging that hypnotize me. All I know is that i can’t get enough of Lush! Oooh-la-lush!

~ Breath of Fresh Air toner water and Lemony Flutter cuticle butter ~




4 Mar 2013

Seeing Red

Just Sharing. My go-to red, day or night. I don’t particularly enjoy seeing my face posted on this blog, but due to insistent public demand, and by public I mean ONE friend (M! This post is for you! Haha!)… I made a ‘how to’ post. And of course ‘how to’ posts always need a ‘finished product’ photo. Anyway, here are my 4 easy steps. What’s yours? :)


~ Lowres photo taken from my windy balcony ~



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