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3 Mar 2013

Sushi Anyone?

Supermarket Surprises. Sushi rice crackers from Regent gets my vote for cutest + funniest packaging. And it’s super yummeh! :)




3 Mar 2013

Beauty Goo

Good Stuff. Sharing something I’m likin’. Nature Republic Ice Jelly Primer.

I came across this cute little pot one fine afternoon at the mall. The packaging really caught my eye and left me with no choice but to buy it 5 seconds after. Obviously, I’m not capable of doing a ‘professional review’ but whut the hey! :) This is what i think:

Product Category ~ face primer
Consistency ~ the shiny, jello-like texture is so fun to work with.
Blend-ability ~ smooth and easy
Fragrance ~ smells like a bowl of cherries… must resist the urge to eat my face primer. hehe. super love!
Packaging ~ anything that’s pale pink and pretty i’ll buy
Price ~ 445 pesos for a generously sized pot (everything’s in korean i can’t tell what the volume is). pretty good deal.


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25 Feb 2013

Come Closer

Snapshots. Spending time with my iphone and his new buddy, olloclip. Here are some samples – all shot with the olloclip lens (macro) except, of course, the shot of the olloclip lens.


23 Feb 2013

Sugar Rush

Experiment. Trying out my new hand mixer — a gift from my mom. A sweet saturday indeed :)

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20 Feb 2013

OK, we got it.

Move over y’all!



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9 Sep 2012


Hi, I’m just a filler image. :)

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3 Aug 2012

Aren’t they pretty?

My photos don’t do these cherry blossoms justice.


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